KCEOC would like to thank the Knox County Literacy Navigators for the reading area they created at the Women’s and Children’s Emergency Support Shelter completed by Berea College- Partners for Education through the Innovative Approaches to Literacy grant.

The mission of the IAL grant is to promote and encourage literacy while incorporating parents and the community. This summer the CLNs developed a project to complete which would promote literacy. They searched different organizations in the community to decide which would benefit most.

After speaking with Beverly Isom, KCEOC Homeless Services Manager, they chose to design a reading center for the children in the shelter after finding out the current number of children housed there, and their attendance at the schools the CLNs are placed in Knox County. Beverly had a vision for the project, which she wanted to complete previously but could not because of lack of funding, and they took her idea and made it a reality.

Through the grant they purchased supplies to paint a mural, purchased a bookshelf, a rug, and 60 books. The reading area at the shelter was created to promote literacy, and encourage interaction between the mothers and children in the shelter. It will service many families who are housed at the shelter, and continue to make an impact through positive social interaction.

Once again KCEOC would like to thank the Knox County School Community Literacy Navigators Jeanette Smith (Jesse D. Lay School), Jenny Collett (Central Elementary), Joetta Gaunt (G.R.), Robin Mitchell (Girdler), Christina Partin (Dewitt/Flat Lick)and the Early Childhood Community Literacy Navigator Crystal Reid (Knox County Preschools/Daycares/Headstart) for choosing the KCEOC Shelter for the project, and giving the families in the shelter the opportunity to learn and grow together.